Welcome Salesforce World Tour!

Ever wondered what the fuss is all about with Salesforce World Tour? It’s basically the Woodstock of the Salesforce community — a gathering of customers, partners, employees, and Trailblazers ready to rock out to the latest and greatest in Salesforce innovations.

So what was on the Agenda?
#CRM + #Data + #AI + #Tust

The day was truly a buffet of knowledge! With everything from CRM hacks to AI wizardry, customer-centric strategies, all served up in over 140 sessions. With insights from AI visionaries, success stories and keynotes from big-name brands such as The AFL, Cannon, Judo bank, The AOC and UTS…to name but just a few.

Who’s was in the House?

Everyone who’s anyone in the Salesforce universe was in attendance, from tech gurus to business leaders and everything in between. It truly was a coming together of both Salesforce ecosystem veterans and those beginning their journey and wanting to see what the hype is about.

So whats “Hot” for 2024?

Introducing Einstein Copilot — a super-smart assistant for businesses that use Salesforce.

Following a lengthy build up, Salesforce has transitioned its Einstein Copilot offering from a closed beta to a public one. Further revelations, possibly concerning additional features and wider accessibility, are slated for TrailblazerDX, commencing on March 6. This AI-driven assistant, spanning all Salesforce applications, aims to boost productivity within a unified and adaptable user interface, all while emphasising the fundamental value of trust.

Einstein Copilot not only enhances customer experiences but streamlines sales processes, marketing strategies, and operational efficiencies across the entire suite of Salesforce products. Nestled within the CRM, it intuitively responds to user inquiries, collecting personalised data from the platform to deliver insightful, real-time responses tailored to individual clients. According to Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, “Einstein Copilot stands out as the only copilot capable of truly comprehending the dynamics of your customer relationships.”

With AI, Einstein AI, and data stealing the show, the sessions were buzzing with talks about how AI, automation, and analytics are changing the game for businesses everywhere.

Being one of the most anticipated announcements of the year, Einstein Copilot is aimed at easing burdens across different types of users. More details about Copilot will be revealed as we inch closer to this year’s TrailblazerDX. But until then the beta is a great place to start….I have no doubt it will be “hotter” than Minecraft and Bauldur’s Gate combined!

Top Sessions of the Day (my picks)
Global Banking Insights and Innovation — Lisa Frazier, Chief Operating Officer at Judo Bank:

This was a great session that gave some real insights into the current global banking trends and how Salesforce is leading the charge in innovation in Financial Services sector. The key message was how AI’s solution for Financial Services is revolutionising both their clients and internal stakeholders experience with a relationship-led customer value proposition.

Salesforce for Financial Services: Empower Customer Success — National Australia Bank:

We heard how NAB are leveraging CRM + AI to unlock financial insights that deliver better outcomes responsibly for their clients, members, and policyholders. The session really was a very honest and open insight into the how the bank’s original need to lean into their digital transformation was so crucial, in order to better augment the banker experience and deliver a market leading personalised customer experiences.

Transform Digital Spend into Success with Marketing Intelligence — Asahi Beverages:

This session really opened the eyes of those in attendance. Asahi — of the largest beverage companies in Australia and New Zealand — discussed their decision to utilise Salesforce Marketing Intelligence and how it was crucial to supercharging digital strategy. The key measure for success was to quantify media performance, validate tactics, and maximise efficiencies through AI-driven insights.

Innovation Top Picks

Let’s talk Slack — the ultimate workplace chat tool. From its humble beginnings to becoming part of the Salesforce family, Slack is the MVP of productivity. With more features than you can shake a stick at — think automation, workflows, and AI smarts — it’s the Swiss Army knife of CRM.

And then there’s Salesforce Data Cloud — the holy grail of customer data platforms. It’s like having your own personal data wizard, making sense of all your customer signals and insights.

Last but not least, Einstein Copilot — the AI sidekick we never knew we needed. It’s like having a super-smart assistant who can handle all your CRM needs, leaving you free to conquer the world.

My Two Cents…

AI is taking centre stage, and Salesforce is leading the charge. With cutting-edge tools and an integrated ecosystem, they’re changing the game for businesses everywhere. Sure, AI might still be a bit intimidating, but with Salesforce by your side, the sky’s the limit.

As for the future of Salesforce Data Cloud, who knows? But one thing’s for sure — we’ll be keeping a close eye on it. After all, with Salesforce’s track record of innovation, anything is possible!

If you didn’t make it to world tour don’t stress. You can catch a lot of the content here on Salesforce+

Author: Tim Maxwell

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