We inspire growth and innovation using business design and lean strategy tools. We focus on strategic consulting and the use of AI to improve customer experience and company efficiency.

We leverage our expertise to innovate business strategies, drive revenue growth, and enable organisational transformation.

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    Consulting & Advisory

    We are experienced consultants joining your team and use business design principles to solve complex problems while driving revenue.

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    Digital Transformation

    We perform in-depth business analysis to map stakeholders, processes, and technologies to create a strategic transformation plan.

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    Growth Strategy

    We analyse markets, consumer behaviour, competition, and product offerings to create a detailed revenue growth plan.

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    Value Proposition Design

    We use design thinking methods to propose new revenue streams, products and services to innovate business strategy and drive growth.

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    Change Management

    We identify organisational transformational bottlenecks and propose an enablement plan for key influencers to drive the change.

Our Programmes

  • Innovation Sprint

  • Digital Maturity Model

  • Customer Journey Mapping

  • Team Extension & Advisory

  • Loyalty Boost

Innovation Sprint

We can help you rapidly prototype MVPs and test solutions for internal processes, customer-related technologies, strategic initiatives, new revenue streams, or business models by running a 2-week programme that uses design thinking methods.

Digital Maturity Model

We can enhance your readiness for digital transformation. Using proven frameworks, we evaluate digital maturity across organisations and design initiatives to advance the company’s capability to implement new technologies.

Customer Journey Mapping

We offer a modular, 2- to 14-week programme that helps you unlock business success through crafting excellent customer experience at every touchpoint. Using journey mapping, we gain insights into processes and interactions to enhance key business outcomes.

Team Extension & Advisory

We can deliver a custom-made engagement if you require additional internal resources or know-how to accelerate strategic initiatives within an organisation. For 4 weeks up to 12 months, we form an expert team to tackle innovation, business or technical issues.

Loyalty Boost

Lastly, we offer a complex 12-week programme for brands seeking cutting-edge customer experience strategies to improve retention. This programme focuses on every aspect that impacts business-critical metrics, such as customer lifetime value or net promoter score.

Business Design Framework

We've succeeded in utilising business design, a methodology that merges analytical approaches with a design mindset to develop human-centric business solutions and enhance operational effectiveness. This approach offers a structured framework for addressing intricate challenges, encompassing all facets of an organisation, from operations and finance to customer service, marketing, and sales.

"We have a senior team and a positive culture. And with this, our goal is to become a sought-after partner for companies that address growth and digital transformation opportunities."

Michal Majnuš

Head of Consulting

"We focus on innovation consulting and the involvement of AI in improving the customer experience and efficiency of companies. And we are great at it."

Pavel Špryňar

Chief Strategy Officer

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Our growth and expansion are backed by Rockaway, one of the largest investment groups in the CEE region.

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