Unlocking Domain Group’s sales potential by streamlining territory assignments and account ownership

Domain Group, Australia's leading property marketplace, connects buyers, renters, and investors with comprehensive real estate resources and innovative technology solutions.

The Challenge

Domain Group faced a time-consuming and inefficient bespoke Territory Management solution that slowed down sales team administration and produced inconsistent organisation of sales accounts.

Consequently, this manual manipulation of territories and territory assignments led to confusion around account ownership and lengthy account transfer processes, preventing them from implementing best sales practices.

FLO CX Approach

To ensure a successful transition, we identified the entry points and logic of Domain Group's existing solution and mapped them to the corresponding Salesforce features.

Our agile approach facilitated continuous improvement, adaptability, and an emphasis on testing and documentation, ultimately ensuring seamless integration and boosting confidence in the new solution.

"In reflecting on our work with Domain Group, a few key takeaways stand out that showcase the importance of adaptable solutions and agile methodology."

Sandra Heilmann, Regional Director APAC @ FLO CX

Key Takeaways
  1. Importance of adaptable solutions
    The project demonstrated the value of implementing flexible and efficient systems, like Salesforce Enterprise Territory Management, to improve sales performance and streamline operations.

  2. Agile methodology for success
    This case study highlights the benefits of utilising an agile approach to drive continuous improvement and ensure seamless system upgrades or migrations transitions.

  3. Aligning technology with business strategy
    The successful implementation of the virtual territory strategy showcases the need to align technology solutions with business objectives for optimal outcomes.

  • 12

    weeks from project initiation to go-live

  • 16

    thousand accounts re-assigned to territories

We are proud to have built a lasting partnership with Domain Group, with this project being just one of many successful collaborations. Eager to discover the full story? Continue reading to see how our innovative solutions made a difference.

Project Summary
  1. Salesforce Enterprise Territory Management
    A tool for organising accounts and simplifying territory assignments, improving sales team efficiency and account visibility.

  2. Territory Hierarchy
    A structured representation of sales territories, enabling effective account assignment and optimised sales performance.

  3. Data Re-mapping
    The process of transferring existing data between systems or structures, ensuring a seamless transition and data integrity during system upgrades or migrations.

  4. Post-deployment hypercare
    A dedicated support period following implementation to rapidly address any issues or concerns and ensure a smooth transition.

Our Solution

Our Salesforce Enterprise Territory Management implementation involved carefully building and testing the new territory hierarchy, page layouts, and record data mapping. This allowed Domain Group to shift its business practice and implement the virtual territory strategy.

"FLO CX has established itself as a trusted long-term partner for Domain Group, providing continuous support and expertise throughout various transformations and initiatives. Working with FLO CX feels like collaborating with an internal team, while offering the speed and quality you expect from consultants."

Sebastien Arrue, Head of Technology @ Domain Group

By migrating to the new system, smaller-volume or smaller-value individual accounts were moved to virtual Account Executives for remote-based account management. In contrast, key accounts received closer Account Executive interactions. This comprehensive solution significantly improved response times, support team operations, and overall account ownership visibility.

"An exceptional team whose commitment, energy and effort made our ambitious accelerated timetable a reality. Truly a pleasure and privilege to work with such dedicated professionals."

Rachel Savio, Director of Transformation @ Domain Group

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