The acquisition of the Czech-Australian will allow Mind2FLO to offer companies digital innovation on three continents. A year after its creation, the group is coming closer to fulfilling its global ambitions.

Prague, 8 March 2023: Under the leadership of Jan Galgonek the Mind2FLO consulting group is progressing toward the fulfilment of its goal to become a global player. A year after it was founded, the group is buying Czech-Australian consulting company, which specializes in helping global companies with digital innovation and transformation. The co-founder of, Andrej Hájek, will simultaneously become the new CEO of the FLO technology division. The Mind2FLO group will thus grow significantly through the addition of a senior team of experts and a portfolio of clients on three continents.

Last year Mind2FLO, owned by Jan Galgonek, Rockaway Capital, and KKCG, entered the market with ambitions to offer key media and technology skills under one roof and to build an important international player. During the past year, which was characterized by strong staffing growth and finalizing structure, the group also grew its client portfolio and gained important references. The acquisition of is a key milestone for Mind2FLO that follows up on the global vision of a modern-type consulting company.

Fulfilment of the vision of a global consulting company, a Czech-Australian agency that during 2021 and 2022 tripled the size of its team and generated income of 75 million CZK, brings Mind2FLO key experience with international business. Thanks to the acquisition the group is boosting its consulting expertise in the area of digital transformation while gaining key CRM skills using the Salesforce and MuleSoft platforms. The acquisition also includes a senior team of experts headed by Andrej Hájek, the co-founder of, who will now become the CEO of the FLO technology division.

"The digital transformation of companies is a huge topic that affects perhaps all sectors and companies and significantly influences and changes most internal processes and principles upon which companies have been based for many years. The central focus of our services remains customer experience, which must reflect the standards and needs of business in today's world," says the group's CEO and co-founder, Jan Galgonek, and adds: "I'm thrilled that we can welcome on board such an experienced senior team of consultants headed by Andrej. I like the fact that the founders of have worked both in large corporations and in their own business, thanks to which their business mindset and DNA is a perfect fit for our group. I'm convinced that through this acquisition, we will advance the Mind2FLO story by at least three years." comes with a strong team and management, and references too

Through the acquisition, the Mind2FLO group will gain a globally functioning model with project management and a tested way of working with major brands. At the same time it will expand its portfolio to include clients from Australia, the USA, and the UK. These include, for example, Avast, companies from the Zalando group, or important clients from the banking sector.

The group will also incorporate's entire international team of 30 senior executives headed by co-founder Andrej Hájek, who will become the CEO of the group's FLO technology division. In managing FLO he wants to repeat the principles of breakneck growth that experienced: "Our experience has shown that major players are no longer interested in the traditional approach to transformation activities, which are often very extensive and pointlessly rigid. Today, they are searching for alternatives that thanks to flexible execution will bring quicker results. We were capable of reacting to this change, which is why today we've got the right skill set, tools, and processes that meet the expectations of large companies and will move them to the new generation of business," says Andrej Hájek, the new CEO of the FLO technology division, who will focus on scaling business opportunities in current verticals of the FLO division in a global market context.

Salesforce – a key tool for increasing productivity and cutting costs

One of the key benefits of the acquisition of is expertise in the area of customer relationship management using the CRM platform from Salesforce, a global leader whose solution represents the field of digital transformation. This tool helps companies go through the process of creating new opportunities by modifying their own internal processes, procedures, and often also products to better meet market and customer requirements.

They evaluate the effect of company transformation in various areas, and according to data from the Salesforce platform, last year their clients saved on average 25 % of IT costs while increasing employee productivity by 26 % year over year. The companies undergoing digital transformation most often are from the banking, retail, and insurance sectors.

The acquisition is being performed by the FLO technology division, whose majority shareholder is Jakub Havrlant's Rockaway Capital investment group. The acquisition also provides potential synergy with the Mindsquared media group, owned by Karel Komárek's KKCG.

About was founded in 2018 by Andrej Hájek and Marian Grofčík. Since the beginning it has focused on the digital transformation of companies with emphasis on strategic planning and modern technology while using the Salesforce and MuleSoft platforms. started operating simultaneously in the Czech Republic and Australia, and today has branches in both countries. The company does 90 % of its business outside the Czech market. It offers clients experience with international business and innovation of services, processes, and products using the design thinking method.

In 2021 and 2022 the agency tripled the number of people on its team and generated income of 75 million CZK. In 2023 became part of the Mind2FLO consulting group.

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