Step by step to improve your e-shop performance: invest in your future

Working with an e-shop is a continuous process that doesn't end when you launch it. To ensure long-term success and bring maximum value to your customers, actively investing in its future development is essential. This investment brings concrete benefits in improved user experience, innovative features, and competitive advantage. Through strategic e-commerce development, you can keep up with market dynamics and provide your customers with the most modern and efficient shopping environment.

Investing in innovation: the key to long-term market success

E-commerce experts unanimously recommend dedicating 5-10% of e-commerce channel revenue annually to e-commerce innovations and improvements. In practice, this means that with a turnover of 100,000,000 CZK/year, an investment of 5-10% (up to 1 million CZK/year) should be considered a key element for maintaining competitiveness, technological development, and achieving long-term success in the market.

Customer process and service - let the e-shop work for you

Optimizing your customer process and service is key to achieving maximum customer satisfaction. We focus on the Customer Journey, which includes careful analysis of the UX (user experience), payment gateways, and implementation of effective loyalty programs. We aim to provide your e-commerce store with a strategic tool to maintain and strengthen customer relationships.

Customer Journey

We recommend focusing on the Customer Journey and implementing loyalty programs to increase customer loyalty. Our strategy in this area rewards repeat purchases and provides personalized offers and benefits that strengthen customers' bond with your e-store.

For B2B Clients

Through loyalty programs, your customers can receive discounts on volume purchases, priority order processing, and even special training and consulting. In a B2B environment, our solution emphasizes functionalities like creating offers directly in the store, tracking balances, and working efficiently with budgets.

User experience (UX) and responsive design

Regarding UX, our strategy emphasizes mobile and responsive design as an absolute priority. With the increasing market share of mobile devices, it is crucial to ensure that users experience a pleasant and functional experience regardless of whether they use a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Throughout the entire customer experience process, we focus on a thorough user experience (UX) analysis. It includes optimizing the shopping process and creating a positive and intuitive experience for our customers. Responsive design and easy navigation contribute to the smooth flow of the entire buying process, which directly impacts customer satisfaction.

In this area, we work closely with our team of UX/UI designers, who perform comprehensive responsive analysis, responding to the current phases of the Customer Journey. Our goal is to provide a seamless and optimal user experience that supports overall customer satisfaction.

PWA and its benefits

Progressive Web App (PWA) is an innovative approach to web app development that combines the benefits of a traditional website with the functionality offered by mobile apps. This modern e-commerce optimization tool provides benefits for both merchants and users.

Critical elements of PWA:

Speed: thanks to technologies such as caching, PWA achieves excellent page load speeds, ensuring instant access to content even without an active internet connection.

Reliability: the PWA also works offline, increasing reliability and user accessibility.

Engaging user experience: the ability to install on the home screen and easy access without downloading via traditional app stores (App Store, Google Play) increases user engagement.

Platform independence: designed to be compatible with different operating systems and devices, eliminating the need to develop and maintain separate apps for each operating system.

A practical step for e-commerce optimization: adding PWAs to an e-commerce store brings practical benefits to merchants. Faster page loads and offline availability support increased conversion and overall user experience. Additionally, installing it on the home screen increases the likelihood of repeat visits.

Thus, PWA is a key step towards a more effective and attractive e-shop for your customers.

Search: the key element for a unique shopping experience

In e-commerce, search is key to providing an efficient and user-friendly experience. The search function provides quick and accurate access to products or information, increasing the chances of conversion and overall customer satisfaction.

The increase in the range and variety of products in e-commerce stores highlights the importance of search. This feature allows customers to easily and efficiently filter and find exactly what they want without wasting time browsing through extensive categories. It not only increases the likelihood of purchase but also creates the feeling of a personalized and user-friendly environment.

Search algorithms, capable of recommending products based on user behavior and purchase history, add another layer of personalization. It increases the offer's relevance and encourages cross-selling and upselling, positively impacting the average order value.

"However, in addition to providing search functionality, it is crucial to optimize it continually. Analyzing data from customer search behavior allows you to identify trends, popular products, and keywords. It is where we work with our partner,, to ensure an optimal e-shopping experience for our clients."

Security measures.

Ensure security and trustworthiness for your customers by implementing two-factor authentication and regularly updating your operating system and Angular to a newer version to ensure safety and optimal performance.

Your success in the market: Modern trends and key elements for e-shop

Effective e-commerce requires constant innovation and adaptation to changing customer needs. Investing in application development, analyzing the customer journey, and keeping up with current trends such as loyalty programs, responsive design, or modern technologies like PWAs give e-shops a competitive advantage. Similarly, security measures and regular updates are key to protecting customer data.

We are the right partner for your e-shop to help you get the most out of your e-shop and ensure its success in the marketplace. Through our experience and expertise, we are here to support your business growth and create an environment for your customers that will ensure your long-term success in your industry.

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