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Human Centric Technology

Qinshift, a European tech and consultancy powerhouse, thrives on unravelling business challenges for global innovators. Seeking a visual identity reflecting its disruptive stance, Qinshift envisioned a future-focused brand.

Overview & Challenge

Shifting Gears

We were tasked with crafting a new Visual Brand Identity (VBI) and logo with a new tone of voice and taglines that not only honours but amplifies the values embedded in our new name. With the birth of Qinshift, our design thoughtfully acknowledges the company's heritage and its partners' legacies, fostering a sense of inclusive community while maintaining Qinshift’s reputation for innovation and dynamic business operations.


The Trajectory of Technology

The bold and vibrant Q symbolises dynamic organic growth with upward arrows. These arrows converge inward, reflecting how technology places humanity at its core. The Qinshift wordmark embodies the distinctiveness of the symbol, with fragments and angles from its parts mirrored in its letters.

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Our growth and expansion are backed by Rockaway, one of the largest investment groups in the CEE region.

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