Mastering Effective Communication: Interview with Petr Kroupa, Head of Comms

Petr Kroupa, Head of Communications at FLO BX, emphasises the importance of understanding consumer needs and leveraging storytelling. He advocates for innovative communication strategies and highlights transparency, trust, and respect as key to successful client relationships. He also discusses the Bohem by Krusovice campaign and his team's focus for 2024.

How do you create and convey a brand's messages through a campaign?

Creating a solid brand message involves exploring elements like understanding consumer needs, cultural nuances, and interpersonal dynamics. This helps us gain deep insights into what truly connects with the brand's essence. But we must remember that our audiences are people; sharp storytelling delivers the most powerful messages.

How do you stay updated in the fast-changing communication landscape?

I prefer asking, „How can we avoid sticking to the same old market ways?" I believe we should always question the usual communication methods. We must keep our eyes open to new trends and viewpoints, not just within our industry. Since the Czech market is small, looking at what's happening globally is a great way to get fresh ideas.

"But the most important part is talking things over with colleagues with different perspectives – that's where the real magic happens."

What is the essential element to deliver a successful communication concept?

Be bold and smart from the very beginning to the end. As customers are overwhelmed with commercials and have limited capacity to absorb and remember, we must look at our work from different angles and do things differently. When we disrupt markets, it's not just about getting attention – it's about making a lasting impact by breaking away from the usual ways of doing things.

The abovementioned could only work with a strong commitment from the team and eagerness to explore every detail in each step of the creative work. Immersive focus on the complexity of the brief and the excellence of asset delivery is a demanding process, which we are thrilled to apply to each project.

How can the campaign help to get the client’s KPIs?

The success of a campaign depends on what the client wants to achieve (KPIs). I want to highlight that a clear and detailed brief is crucial for a successful campaign. Additionally, a carefully planned concept enhances the campaign's impact, increasing the brand's visibility and engagement. Therefore, a deep understanding of the client's objectives and a strong communication strategy are fundamental for a successful and influential campaign.

"The essential pillars for successful cooperation are transparency, communication, trust and respect."

What ingredients make a successful collaboration between clients and agencies?

Simple, but leveraging the quality of delivery. We applied these pillars during our collaboration with the The HEINEKEN Company team. We enriched it with “Cliency” – a unique cooperation approach between agency and client as one complex team.

Can you provide an overview of the typical project timeline for a communication campaign, from inception to the final results?

I have encountered diverse project timelines in my experience, and it is beneficial. Each project requires a unique approach based on brand and market specifics, expected KPIs, and the scope of delivery.

Can you share a successful communication campaign you've executed?

Our most successful communication campaign is Bohem by Krusovice. It has not only garnered positive consumer feedback but has also been well-received by marketing and communication professionals. The distinctive communication and creative concept, emphasising functional and emotional benefits, was pivotal in achieving substantial business success.

Noteworthy accomplishments of Bohem within the initial four months of its launch in the Czech Republic include being the most successful beer innovation, achieving the highest market share, and receiving the best consumer evaluation of commercials. Additionally, the Krusovice brand experienced a remarkable 12% increase in brand power.

What will be your/FLO Comms focus areas in 2024?

My team and I are highly committed to delivering breakthrough ATL and digital communication across the entire consumer journey to contribute to our clients’ success. I firmly believe that elevating the consumer experience is crucial for building robust and influential brands. To fulfil this commitment, we're focusing on unique concept events, VR brand experience implementation, and best-in-class web development.

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