Learn how to get a subsidy for your B2B or B2C ecommerce

Are you planning to create a professional B2C e-shop? Do you need to digitise your processes, and are you considering your own B2B portal? Take advantage of this unique opportunity to get a comprehensive solution at a lower price. Thanks to a subsidy program focused on digitising companies, you can pay up to 40% less.

The digital transformation of companies is vital.

The last few years have brought many challenges for all marketers. The global pandemic has already highlighted the need to digitise your processes and strengthen online activities, and the events of recent years have only supported it. Rising energy and labour costs and changes in customer preferences are pushing retailers into the online world. Expanding services in a digital direction is no longer just an option but a necessity for sustaining and succeeding in a fiercely competitive environment.

"If we look at the most successful companies historically, we find out that these are companies that invested in their development during the crisis. Wholesale companies need to streamline their business. How else than through a digital transformation."

Daniel Lupinski, Head of Commerce @ FLO

Are you planning a new e-shop? Use the subsidy to purchase new IT technologies.

The European Union is actively striving to improve the digital environment for the benefit of all citizens. Digital transformation is key to the EU's economic development and strategic autonomy. It works across various policy areas to facilitate Europe's digital future.

In April of this year, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, within the framework of the Technology and Applications for Competitiveness (OP TAK) programme, announced the first call for the activity Digital Enterprise - Virtual Enterprise, the aim of which is the digital transformation of the enterprise with the help of newly acquired or introduced technologies and services that they will lead to higher automation, digitisation or more efficient connection of company processes.

Subsidies can also be drawn for creating and implementing B2B and B2C e-shop solutions. Take advantage of this chance and reduce the costs of building a customized e-shop by up to 40%.

"Getting a subsidy is not something everyone gets automatically. Certain criteria need to be met, the basic one being digitisation, and there is a high probability of receiving a subsidy. In our case, we have a 100% success rate in obtaining subsidies."

Daniel Lupinski, Head of Commerce @ FLO

A new e-shop for a fraction of the price? Bet on FLO.

We have over 20 years of experience in creating professional B2B systems and B2C e-shop portals for end customers including Czech and foreign business partners. We build the user interface and automate processes according to the specific needs of the client and the target group of customers.

We will also help with the settlement of subsidies.

Our team of subsidy specialists canalso help you administrate and settle a subsidy. Thanks to this, you can reduce the costs of creating an e-shop by one third of your planned expenses.

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