The True Face of a Bohemian

Singularly Authentic

Bohém, the new premium lager from Krusovice, required a truly unique & authentic Bohemian approach to television advertising.


Meet the Polivkas

We first decided to use an unconventional media strategy and prepare two spots. In the first part, Vladimír Polívka poetically describes the product's functional benefits. At the end of it, we see Vladimír's father, Bolek Polívka, who prepares the viewer for the following spot, in which he enjoys life as a true Bohemian from beginning to end and tries to pass this art on to his son Vladimír.


Kantar Scores Rule!

According to Kantar, a review for a successful campaign is 65 points; Bohem scored 93, setting a new benchmark. Bohem got the highest score for marketing and packaging. This resulted in Bohem being the most successful new beer in category and reaching the most significant market share of newly launched beers. All that led to a 12% increase in Krusovice brand power.

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