A levitating Porsche Taycan helped select the Red Bull Dance Your Style winner

Red Bull Dance Your Style, the unique dance duel concept, returned to Prague this year under the Žižkov Tower. The event celebrated not only the performers but also the audience. Over three and a half thousand people gathered in the arena, and a new Porsche Taycan was suspended over it all day. Their votes were crucial in determining the best dancer from 16 selected contestants across the Czech Republic. And FLO was there, creating the idea & executing the event.

A celebration of dance and music. This is how one could describe this year's edition of the Red Bull Dance Your Style dance concept. An afternoon filled with dance performances and DJ sets was crafted to set the stage for the evening program, featuring 16 selected dancers from various street styles.

"Red Bull Dance Your Style has been taking place in the Czech Republic since 2019, but this year's event exceeded all expectations. The original estimated number of 1,500 visitors eventually climbed to more than 3,500, and the national finals were undoubtedly the highlight of the year for us. A big thank you to everyone, to all those who participated in the event, but especially to the sixteen dancers who made the whole event incredible," summed up Gabriela “Gejb” Matušková, who headed the whole event on behalf of Red Bull on Saturday.

Dancers competed in one-on-one "duels" to the rhythm of contemporary world hits. However, the uniqueness of the whole concept lies in the voting process. A jury does not decide the winner; what sets Red Bull Dance Your Style apart is its unique voting process. Instead of a jury, the audience in the auditorium directly decides the winner using two-coloured cards, making them an integral part of the event.

"The times are constantly changing, and the Porsche brand is moving. Porsche cars have been icons for many decades, but they are certainly not getting older - quite the opposite. And we try to apply these principles to everything we do. We strive to bring new, original approaches that resonate with the younger generation. Through events like Red Bull Dance Your Style, we show that Porsche is not just about cars, but also about a lifestyle that inspires and connects," says Petra Klosová, Czech Porsche Marketing Manager. At the event, participants could meet a pair of Porsche Taycan cars. Apart from the live performance by the artist IAMRUSHDOG, who painted one of the two Porsches with a special livery in his distinctive style, the dominant feature was the levitating Taycan.

"Working with a bold brand like Red Bull requires a bold idea. And a suspended Taycan above a crowd of thousands of people met all the requirements."

Pavel Flégl, Head of FLO BX

The idea and implementation of the levitating Porsche concept was conceived and implemented by the Brand Experience team at FLO. "Working with a bold brand like Red Bull requires a bold idea. And a suspended Taycan above a crowd of thousands of people met all the requirements," says Pavel Flégl, Head of FLO BX. "Besides the wow effect, we wanted the installation to have a twist. We, therefore, hung a large LED screen under the Taycan, which projected a special audiovisual show all evening long. This complemented the music programme, and after each talk, it showed the audience which pair of dancers was advancing in the battles towards the title."

The event also featured prominent figures from the Czech dance and music scene. The final duel embodied the spirit of Prague versus Brno, and despite the fierce competition, Brno's Julien Ko emerged victorious. He will represent the Czech Republic at the World Finals in Mumbai, India, on November 9, 2024.

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